Luxury high-rise is the perfect model world of the future. There is everything for comfortable and luxury living. But jealousy, rivalry, lust for thrills gradually incite open hostility between residents of high-rise buildings, forget the laws of morality, even the best of them. Welcome to the world of the future.

  • Ben Wheatley

Release Date: 2015-09-26
IMDb icon 5.6/10
  • Country: BE, GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:59m
  • Revenue: $343,139
Lauraine Loferski
18 April 2016 | 08:42

Height — it's expensive skyscraper, a prestigious Appartamenti sweet home... or something more?

Skyscraper as the class pyramid, where your position in society depends on what place you there will have where any whim for one for the expense of belittling and saving others. In short, the skyscraper reflects the hierarchical structure of the society, whose members have to put up with their situation.

Early in the film our attention is focused around the new in the skyscraper — Dr. lang (Tom Hiddleston), who, on first glance, different from their neighbors. Tactful, courteous, he is opposed to the other inhabitants of the skyscraper, which already immersed in implicitly looming fight the upper and lower inhabitants. Upper floors show that it means to live with a scale — squash, swimming pool, walks on horse, stylized party "for the" — only a small part of what is available to those who on top. Entertainment for every taste. However, down below, we will see a completely different world, limited in access mains electricity, water and other necessary resources. So and the main character gradually learns about both sides of life in high-rise.

The struggle for benefit for resources unfolds when a resident of the lower floors, Wilder (Luke Evans), decides to restore justice and to restore its order. And here already unfolds real drama — whatever their status, people izvodjaca to the level of wild instincts go out of control and showing their true animal nature, sinking to the blood Sodom.

When the climax of confrontation has ended it seems that now will be different, because the former masters destroyed, but everything is back to normal. Interesting position of Dr. Lange — the whole film from him waiting for decisive action, resistance to the system, but it is not is opposed to it. It — same part of a system that will continue to act now and it.

Interesting analogy that can be held in the film. For example, a party was held in the style of the era of Marie Antoinette, — can remember the vices of the bourgeoisie of the time, the suppression of the people that led to the revolution of 1789.

The movie I liked non-standard approach to the idea, vigorously unfolding storyline, it makes much to ponder. The film is bright and stylish.

8 from 10

Brittaney Zabrina
26 July 2016 | 08:50

It is impossible to be silent! In the throat is com injustice — only letters and words will help to remove spasms of discontent!

The film" Skyscraper" of English Director Ben Wheatley was invited by her husband for evening viewing under the pretext of fiction. Knowing THAT loves her husband, interviewed briefly about the cast, I figured in the mind of any next movie dystopia and gave the go-ahead...

The first frame of the portal, transporting the viewer to tower glass concrete, where under a wild mix of Baroque and ABBA in front of you unfolding tragedy in the spirit of ancient Greek myth in modern (I would even say very modern) way.

I see no reason to retell the story that so good on how helpless without the other elements of the film, hanging on screen as diverse tenants of a skyscraper with all amenities.

The purpose of my words is to attract the reader's attention to the" terrible beauty" of the painting, which is now undergoing the first stage bobrikovskiy" Odyssey 2010" — the stage of mass denial and rejection.

Why have to watch" Skyscraper" is not matter what?

Great camera work

Luxury script for those who still able to think and solve riddles

Music composer Clint Mansell's film — another character, perhaps the most beautiful and ruthless

Game of actors - such as necessary!

Humor of all possible shades of Black - from scary to funny

Not listen to those who says excessive cruelty-it is probably young mom who fanateyut from" Game of Thrones"!

The impression of absolute unison - the integrity of the picture, like a classic Opera or ballet, where everything in one" perfect" story that so can be life as the unreal. Greek tragedy, concerto grosso for a new way! It is a pity that American critics have forgotten how to criticize something harder "transformers", and our most advanced audience so and stuck in the" Dogville" and" to reach out to heaven", I believe all the rest is worthy of a 7 out of 10!

In General, thanks to her husband for an accidental discovery. I'm glad the anti-capitalist Sentiment heard here is there different ways and sound can used to cut your ear... But don't despair! Turn on the next series of Game of Thrones and enjoy a meaningless gesture, covered with a warm blanket for a Cup of tea, but I'll go read the original "Skyscrapers" John. G. Ballard and quietly rejoice that the world no no good ideas!

Idaline Kenwrick
17 April 2016 | 01:58

From the first frame occurs familiar to many is the feeling that happens when you're over abyss something irrational and inexplicable pull to make a move forward. But it takes only a moment, then prudence and the instinct of self-preservation take over the strange urge top. With characters in the film everything is different, because the coordinate system in which all they are enclosed, the only path leads to self-destruction, and observe shows the moral decline at the same time painful, scary and exciting.

In the tower of concrete, which becomes the grave for people, the direct figuratively, like there is a way, but leave not easy.

The struggle for the material needs, lust for power, lust, hatred, jealousy, fear rise in the walls of the building the semblance of a civil war between the upper and Nizami, at this main character, Dr. lang remains in the middle between warring and it may seem a bystander in any better than those who are sucked into the vortex, but his sad eyes and melancholic tranquility introduce in error. He, like and many others, plays a role in the chaos enjoy the destruction of the world, which were prisoners.

Each of the characters in the film worthy of attention, there is no random characters; each complementing mosaic and represents a different kind of vices. Grotesque in the depiction of the characters are used just enough to what is happening on the screen was deceptively similar to the reality, however, absurd in some ways even comical. Woman on pregnant Smoking not stop her husband, without hesitation uhlestyval for local "diva", which is too free lifestyle is absolutely in the spirit of the 70's on front a young son, family with a bunch of kids with and La Boheme with the top fighting for place in pool parties by day and night, alcohol, sex, drugs and mysterious architect — "father" of the skyscraper, looking at all from the height of self-made Paradise rooftop access which are only the elect, but not for long.

Arranged the "lower" revolution does not bring any results, except the destruction of all, in including the human faces of the inhabitants of a skyscraper, which, I must say, covers only animal instincts, and those who still exists in concrete walls, not have to shout "SOS", but no answer. A while building a new skyscraper.

"High-Rise" — classic dystopia, ideas which are clear and obvious. Attention is drawn to the form they are enclosed. The hopelessness, the depravity, cruelty is rarely possible to do a bright and convincingly. The negative in the picture is so concentrated that have a desire to close your eyes to some time to disconnect from the ongoing madness. At this chaos narrative is a kind of beauty, as is it example, the volcanic eruption.

Of 9 10

How long is High-Rise?
2h 39m
How much has High-Rise made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $343,139.
Who is the director of the movie High-Rise?
This tv-show was directed by Ben Wheatley.
What is the genre of High-Rise?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2016.
Who starred in High-Rise?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss.
What is High-Rise IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.6.
When was High-Rise released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-09-26.