Resident Evil: Vendetta

Specialist B. S. A. A. Chris Redfield helps a government agent Leon S. Kennedy and Professor Rebecca chambers from the Institute of biotechnology. The trio will have to face the mad scientist Arias and his army of the walking dead.

  • Takanori Tsujimoto

Release Date: 2017-05-27
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: JP
  • Language: English | Japanese
  • Runtime: 1h:37m
Katalin Sissie
21 October 2017 | 09:22

Adaptation of the games has always been quite a laborious task, and the given that most film adaptations fail to hire "are posted in pieces" image, then still not grateful. Most clearly reflecting the moment in the example of the whole franchise "Resident evil". When creating a truly worthy adaptation of the brilliant first film, Floor with Anderson easily perverted deductible all subsequent sequels. Like apologizing to the fans of the original game franchise and launched the series "canonical" animated films, the third but not the quality of performance which is this film directed by Takanori of Tsujimoto.

The plot of this strip logically continues the events prior to "Degeneration" and"Damnation". But reveals to the viewer a completely new and not "limited" predecessors history. At this, the picture parallel to each other develops on all three storylines. Where on the one hand, Chris Redfield trying to stop the threat of bio-terrorist, Leon Kennedy "drown" mount on the bottom of the bottle, and unexpectedly returned in the franchise Rebecca chambers to create "antidote" from the threat of the zombie virus. Even in the end, by combining all of the storyline in a banal and hackneyed goal — the salvation of all mankind.

For many years the development pattern has definitely played the picture is not the best service. Therefore, after the "Kingspade" and relatively recent gantsa animation picture seems more gray, weak and rude. However, all this skillfully kompensiruet great directing Takanori of Tsujimoto, who managed to create a very atmospheric effect. Introducing a luxurious start is made in the best traditions of horror films and smoothly driving the narrative in the direction of spectacular action and blockbuster with each new scene. Special admiration seeking the choreography of the fights a La "gun Kata" from "Equilibrium" by Kurt Wimmer, and the staging of the final action row in General.

The main enjoyable moment was the return of Rebecca chambers in the franchise after so many years. When being the main character of the first games of the series, she unexpectedly for a long time "has gone missing from the field of vision of the radar", but returned in the most worthy and suitable for the moment. Very pleased with Chris Redfield, who received the screen is very canonical incarnation. A little greased impression of Leon, the personal tragedy of which looked far-fetched ears. Yeah and externally, giving the impression of a certain student, rather than a tough fighter and warrior, to whom it appears on the screen. It is interesting to look and the main villains of the tape. Arias even got a little controversial motivation, but revealed the screen is very decent. In its assistant with the appearance of the Bane of the DC comics.

8 from 10

Resident evil: Vendetta — it does adaptation how much a logical continuation of the events of the game series franchise. Giving the impression is very atmospheric, exciting, and damn entertaining. most importantly — very canonical action, which looks much more impressive paintings Paul Anderson for sure.

Annaliese Stempson
28 June 2017 | 02:01

I am a big fan of the world of "Resident evil" as game universe, so and animation films, which are currently, only Japanese roots. Therefore, in the third part of the movie "Vendetta", I can say that done Canon.

For whom is this movie?

Immediately let's deal with the question "For whom is this movie?", to people who are not familiar with the universe of "Resident evil", don't waste their time.

1998. Published the first computer game, under the title "Resident Evil Zero". After that, the series is constantly evolving, addition of many different characters, many different situations, but the entire series of "Resident evil", revolves around biological weapons, with some of the main characters. In the end of history series, and it all painted in detail, up to the formation of the characters and development of different viruses. Therefore, animated films, it's mostly for fans of the universe of "Resident evil", so they not tell the beginning, from where it all began. They are rather the gaps, between what is part series of computer games that are linked to one subject.

waiting for fans?

But let's proceed directly to the subtleties that are only understandable to fans. In them those are the key moments that make the film pretty good.


Everyone knew that the film will be Rebecca chambers. The thing is that this is the character that got the lead role in the first part of a series of games. From her face began to tell the story. But after the first few parts, many years on her there was nothing audible. And finally, the emergence of a forgotten, a legendary character. We must pay tribute to the developers of Rebecca was very good as for the graphical component and some personal qualities. Even have nothing to add. As a fan, I am pleased with this phenomenon.


It was nice to see Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy together. Especially in"Vendetta", gave some interesting not familiar to them, charisma. And finally they were United in one that looks quite nice.

Graphics, animations

Worked on the film is certainly not one year and visible, very hard efforts. But the time is not worth place so the graphic part of the movie is a bit outdated. But even so, the film looks nice. Well, somewhere there things, what is visible wooden explosions for example or any other small, imperfect details. In General, nothing terrible happened is not messed up the image on the film.

Regarding the work done on animations, then it is beyond praise. For example I liked how the fight scenes are implemented in which just looked through a lot of interesting solutions and ideas. Harmoniously frames a different scene. In here I have not seen such a quality submission. In General, got a lot of pleasure from what he saw. So also worth noting-designed animated characters, in different dialogs and other situations.

Last hope

Honestly, after 2012, in the universe of "Resident evil", not happen to do any interesting events, because nothing was. The series 2015, only boasted game Revelatons 2, but it has been secondary history and only remember Claire Redfield and Barry Burton. Of course not forgotten about the missing Alex Wesker. It all happy of course, but most of the major characters in the series, we and saw. In 2017, the series all began, all with zero, starting a new story, with new characters, where just buried the entire tried and tested universe. "It" was called "Resident Evil 7". For fans, this is it was a terrible disappointment. So "Resident evil: Vendetta" is the salvation of the universe, for that razrabotchik movie, thank you.

Conclusion rating

What is the "universe of Resident evil"? This 20 real years development series of games and animated films, with the Japanese publishers and developers, and film Directors. For the fans, "Vendetta" is definitely a kind of masterpiece, with Rebecca chambers. As it shows Rebecca chambers in the first time? Fans it will see the developers of the film, diligently and carefully, presented to us by Rebecca to do everything with maximum quality and not to disappoint the fans "Yes, you that is not God forbid".

Ordinary viewers who are not familiar with the universe of "Resident evil", of course the film is not tell what new and interesting, not satisfied with historical digression. The some more references no. everyone will understand and appreciate dignity. The plot may be in the most part of course trivial, and characters will be completely unfamiliar to the viewer

So putting a rating to the movie, I will rely solely on the fans ' feelings. The film is decent, but would like something more best. I saw most of what other characters friends, which would be of course I wanted to see. "Where you, my Ada Wong?".

8 from 10

Janet Sanferd
24 June 2017 | 09:44

I would not think about "Vendetta", how about some optional prohodnyak, but unfortunately, so it came out. In General, do not have to be a specialist in extrasensory perception, to understand for themselves the simple truth that with high probability, came to many fans of the game series in their enlightened mind after watching the trailer — trikvel CGI films, independently develop main and secondary plots of the games themselves — this is a banal story tracing with "Resident Evil 6" (not to be confused with the name of the movies Milla Jovovich).

But there are a couple of moments, otherwise working on the perception of the audience. Chris Redfield, for example, in the beginning of the story loses not a unit that not very reassuring, of course, just happy at least some imagination in the diversity of the story. But little imagination was spent on consideration General familiar characters. Is to thump Chris empties the bottle with the alcohol of Leon. Reasons for the destruction of free time so characters are similar. Chris in"Resident Evil 6" lost squad, it was catching up on the past, he suffered morally, was almost not a hermit, that like it seemed strange, but still. Now, a similar case happened with Leon. Well, at least slightly, but indicated that the light path of Redfield, to which it almost there, but do not become re-ruining of the character.

The local villain, a typical, as he calls himself "not crazy", but we know what is traditionally leads. It no motivation, it could not think writer, fascinated by the notebook writings, the student, and to be honest, this kulturnost, and let the traditional, much pleasure from his dialogues and actions brings. Yeah and anyway, Glenn arias, one of the worst not developed antagonists in the series. Remember the "Resident evil: Damnation" and there the villain: not the merged, charismatic and mysterious, and now forget — in the local plohish no nothing interesting.

The drama of the game options, then do no why, the reason is "no what" — unnecessary characters or vague plot device that has the ability to start and immediately end of the problem with logic is lacking. Rebecca chambers is an important person for the script, her character partly makes a variety of friends virus moves, and these moves are in turn can freak out sensitive boys and girls its even more concentrated nonsense than any game of the franchise. Even in the 6th part of this is not been. But if you take adequate, and wanted to spit on the logic blockbuster, then these things can not to notice.

It is a pity that the soundtracks have a CGI film "Resident evil", get nondescript and not memorable, so here (songs such as not your business, but now there songs on the credits)... Solid action, it in principle, few and it is inferior in the soundness of the sequel ("Curse"), no the stabber and the choreographic dynamics, monsters, little, again — minus production became clearly worse. No explanatory scenes with 3D panels, because in  the"Curse" they even the 2D was impressive, as and scenes from the first person, "Vendetta" and in this respect has become worse. Not feel immersion with 3D, there is involved in scenes from the first person.

Direction has made a significant step back. Hate to say it, but there is a feeling that and graphics blunder, not the former realism and there is beautiful and real illumination, looking at which last project looked like before you watch the film without console CGI. Battle stages are also not always get to enjoy, due to logic, that is stupidity contributes to this. However, the point of highway Leon, the strange.

Otherwise, nothing more to discuss, nothing new, we are not presented. After "Kingslaw: final fantasy XV" technology "Vendetta" is not look like well as and after "Resident evil: Damnation", there is only history was all gorgeous, the quality was surprising, and even the script was no complaints. Here can see a great gun kata and your favorite "Avengers": Chris, Leon and Rebecca. I hope that ever Capcom just exactly adapted to CGI series "Dino Crisis", well, not will throw in the "Resident Evil", let the third movie and not out best.

5 out of 10

How long is Resident Evil: Vendetta?
2h 17m
Who is the director of the movie Resident Evil: Vendetta?
This tv-show was directed by Takanori Tsujimoto.
What is the genre of Resident Evil: Vendetta?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Animation, Horror, Mystery, Best Sci-Fi Movies 2017, Best Animation Movies 2017, Best Horror Movies 2017, Best Mystery Movies 2017.
Who starred in Resident Evil: Vendetta?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kevin Dorman, Matthew Mercer, Erin Cahill, John DeMita, Fred Tatasciore.
What is Resident Evil: Vendetta IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was Resident Evil: Vendetta released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-05-27.